About Me

Welcome to Elleoquent Style! 

I’m Erica LeBow, a New Yorker and fashion obsesser. 4 Years ago I started my own company, Elle Apparel Operations, which manages the back office operations for small to mid-size wholesale apparel brands. I love what I do, but felt I needed another outlet to share my passion for clothes, shoes & bags and putting outfits together. There, Elleoquent Style was born, an inside guide to my own personal style, and your go-to for distinctive, on-trend fashion and outfit inspiration.

I hope to provide insight on what to wear, as well as tips on the best sales and when to splurge on that high-end designer item. My mantra is, spend on the bags, shoes & jewelry. Clothing trends tend to be in and out, so I like to find the affordable, trendy pieces (especially on-sale) and then save my mula for the Celine bag that will never go out of style, or the classic Christian Louboutin pigalles that scream “classy bitch”. It sounds so cliche, but I’m all about mixing highs and lows, and if the bag and shoes are designer, the whole outfit will look expensive.
I hope you enjoy and be sure to follow along for all the latest outfits and investment pieces!